🔺 It is in Ukraine that it is determined whether someone else in Europe will fall victim to the same aggression that the world has not seen for 80 years.
🔺 If the Russian invasion continues, a new sanctions package is needed from world leaders for peace in Europe
🔺 Boycott of Russian exports – oil embargo
🔺 Boycott of imports to Russia. Failure to comply with civilized rules deprives the right to services and goods from civilization
🔺 We are waiting for help in clearing the skies or providing Ukraine with air defense and combat aircraft. How many more deaths of Ukrainians are needed for this?
🔺 The government is working on plans for post-war reconstruction after the victory. Measures are being implemented to support Ukrainian business and social protection. The state fulfills its social obligations
🔺 There is no blood on our flag. There are no and never will be black spots, any swastikas

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