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Imports of seafood from Alaska to Ukraine has doubled

      The volume of imports of seafood from Alaska to the Ukraine in 2011 grew by almost a factor of 2 in quantitative terms compared with 2010 and amounted to 47 million dollars.This was announced by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft met with reporters at the launch of Alaska seafood, organized by the Institute of Alaska Seafood Marketing with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The event took place in the fish-market “Fish World” South Pacific “.

   At the meeting, noted that the global financial crisis, the U.S. seafood trade volumes in Ukraine is fully recovered and continues to grow. By results of 2011 the volume of imports of Alaska seafood has exceeded the best pre-crisis years.

     For the first time consumers in Ukraine have discovered the American seafood in 2000, and since then the number and variety of fish represented only expanded. The last few years, fish consumption in Ukraine Knuckles . Traditional varieties of inexpensive fish Ukrainians increasingly prefer the more expensive and high quality.

    It should be noted that fish and seafood of Alaska live in the wild Pacific Ocean. Waters of North America, their habitats, are recognized as one of the cleanest in the world. Alaska fishing meet modern technical requirements to preserve the quality of products. Catch carried out strictly in accordance with the law and is controlled at the state level in order to preserve natural resources and the renewability of fish populations in the natural environment.

2012 is a Year of the Ukrainian organic market

How to invest in organic market in Ukraine? Leave an inquiry on [email protected]  
Experts predict that in 2012 to the Ukrainian market of organic products will come major players and big capital.

Small shops of eco-products and farmers, who sell through the Internet products of their labor, soon will feel strong competition.
In the perspective of the domestic organic market believed large investors. The growth of enviromental awareness, not only in the West, but also in ukraine in 2012 will be even more obvious. In addition, organic products are perceived as better.
If in 2008 the market volume of organic matter was estimated at $ 660 thousand, today it is $ 4-5 million a number of manufacturers of such products during this period increased from 92 to 142.
In March of this year, one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural companies – “Argo Dakor Holding” has announced its intention to grow organic crops, the price of which in Europe is for 40% higher than the usual wheat. This holding company plans to deliver products just in the EU countries. The market attracts investor’s profitability of organic matter in 40% and in high demand both domestically and in foreign markets. Large-scale investments inhibit only the absence of legislation.
Expensive health
Today, the organic market accounts for only 1% of products sold in Ukraine. In Europe, organic products occupy 6-7% of the market. The demand for organic products by consumers is growing rapidly: today it is much greater than the supply.
“People began to think more about their health. They were disappointed in the products that can be purchased in supermarkets, and are looking to buy quality food, “- says the chairman of the Association of Producers of organic products of Ukraine Basil Pindus.
Organics, usually bought by people wealthy and middle class: the price of these products is 50-80% higher than their inorganic counterparts. Experts explain the difference in price that producers of eco-products don’t use chemicals and fertilizers, so the yield of organic crops is lower than conventional plants. Expensive are also non-mechanical prossecing and storage products. The price may lay and other costs, like promotion of goods and insurance of non implementing. 
If earlier the major problem for producers of organic products was distribution then more recently, these products are actively interested by supermarkets.
“There are no specialty stores that would offer only organic products – says Pindus. – This can be explained by the fact that there are little of such products. Therefore, on the shelves with organic products you can find its conventional counterparts. Pindus said that specialty stores can appear very soon. Prerequisite for this is enough: growing demand from customers and interest of this business segment will contribute to further growth of the market.
How to invest in organic market in Ukraine? Leave an inquiry on [email protected] 

Ukraine is great for living!

We have no war, cheap life and ambitious young people

1. Quiet, peaceful country

For those who do not want a thrill, Ukraine is a very good country. We do not fight with anyone, and do not intend to fight. We do not have attacks. We do not have hot spots, as in former times all the acute problems within the country, we decided peacefully. And this, most likely, will be in the future. As once, one journalist sadly remarked: in this country a civil war is impossible in the absence of citizens. Like, everybody do not care, no one is charged with some ideas, no patriotism, faith, etc. Maybe for super activists this is bad, but for those who like a quiet life – very good. And another important point: we have a relatively well with the criminals. The crime rate (at least in large cities), by European standards, is quite low. In short, peaceful heaven, peaceful life, all is quiet.

2. Good climate

Ukraine has very favorable climate. We have a marked summers and winters are not so severe (by the way, in terms of climate scientists, the presence of a cold time of year – it’s blessing, because of dying bacteria). In many rankings, where consider climatic conditions, Ukraine is among of the top 30 countries in the world. Ukraine have no destructive typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes, we did not erupt volcanoes. Unfortunately, due to the Chernobyl accident, as well as emissions from industry, we can not boast of a good environment, but there are many places where these adversities are not felt.

3. Plentiful land

Ukraine is a perfect place for those who want to do in agricultural area. The fertile soil, temperate climate, proximity to markets and ports – all this makes agricultural business extremely attractive (soil and climatic conditions of south-east of Ukraine – the best place in the world for the cultivation of sunflower). And food becomes more expensive in the world and the price will be going up, despite all of the crises (the number of population is growing and the number of acreage at least not increased). As said our agricultural businessmen in private conversations, they do not even consider projects with a profitability of less than 40%.

4. The possibility of rapid career

For those young people, whose want to achieve success in their careers, Ukraine is an ideal country. Because of the scarcity of smart managers among older people, who are able to accommodate new developments and asking for their work moderate money, any ambitious and disciplined young man without “a king” in his head, who knows how to show loyalty and decency, can count on a quick career. That way, which Western people pass for decades (from the lowest manager to the head of the company), here can go for five years. Of course, there is a question of money. Ukrainian guy can become a head of bank branches at 25 years, but his salary is lower than has plumber in Paris))). But we are talking about those, whose the main thing is a career, rather than a quiet life, and regular pay. In our conditions, those, who can make a career and money, as a rule, are all right. In the end, many people, who “plowed” as top manager for “other uncle” with experience, go into own business.

5. Cheap Life

Our media are full of articles that prices are higher than in Europe. But this is not the whole truth. For some items, we have more expensive food, for other less. But even in this regard, we are not the most expensive country in the world and Europe. As for the other components of life: utilities, transportation (except air) and services sector; our prices are generally lower than in most European countries, including such important areas as education and medicine. We may have no advanced education in economics, but as to the technical education, it’s quite on the high level. And for IT specialist is really to study for free “on budget” and then, without leaving Ukraine, earning several thousand dollars per month for offshore programming. We have taken to abuse our medicine, but some basic diseases can be cure for free. And our paid medical services are less expensive than similar quality services from abroad. Roughly speaking, Ukraine is a very good country for living for those who earns good money and wants to spend them with a reasonable price. It is no accident that for our country moves many Russian and Israeli businessmen and Western European retirees.

6. Can have a lot of fun

For those, who like to have a lot of fun in their life, Ukraine is a country, which has no equal among most of the countries inhabited. Where you can find that half a liter of vodka can be bought for 2 euro, and sold it around-the-clock. Here you can find a unique tradition of the feast, sincere, cheerful people that are not very aggressive, even after taking 500 grams of vodka and well-developed, high quality and, again, cheap by European standards, entertainment – restaurants, nightclubs, etc. In short, the ideal place for fans to have high quality fun.

7. We are proud

Ukraine is a large country with rich history and the real achievements in science and technology. It is the second largest country in Europe after Russia, with a very diverse terrain and natural areas. Ukraine is a country where Russ was Christianized, where great battles took place, and a country which as part of Soviet Union won the greatest war in human history. We are one of the five aircraft and space-faring nations of the world, as well as among the ten leading countries for the production of weapons. We are a world leader in coronary artery bypass grafting in artificial insemination. Finally, we enter the world’s 10-15 leading sports countries. After all, we are proud of what we have!

ProdExpo is a landmark of Ukrainian food market

On the 3rd of April was opened Kyiv International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging, IFFIP. IFFIP it is more than 300 exhibiting companies, more than 10,000 sq.m. of exhibition area and 10,000 visitors.
As part of this forum is ProdExpo Food Exhibition.
The exhibition noted the following trends in the industry:
Ukrainian market of canned fruits and vegetables demonstrates a positive trend of 5-10%;
imported wine purchase the Ukrainian market;
This year Ukraine will need to import 200 thousand tons of meat;
Ukraine is no need to import sugar.
ProdExpo annually brings together the major players in the grocery market, representatives and employees of the retail segment HoReCa, paves the way for entering the Ukrainian market of new products and brands.

The round table “Ukraine – Malaysia”

December 21, in the Kiev Chamber of Commerce was held a round table Ukraine – Malaysia. Excellent presentation, analysis of import and export of Ukraine and Malaysia, could not overshadow a number of issues that are between two countries. Thus, by Malaysian partners frequent the cases of fraud, especially in the printing industry.
The good moments, you can single out that Ukraine is increasing quantities of supplying metals, ferrous-alloys, electrical goods, vegetable oil, and, strangely enough, vehicles. Malaysia, in turn, provides us with the equipment, products, chemical production, food products, particularly palm oil.

Ukrainian-Pakistani Business Forum

8th of December 2011 was held Ukrainian-Pakistani Business Forum, which called first high-level forum
Despite the strong statements, conference hall was half empty, and the bulk of those attendants was Pakistan delegation by themselves.
This delegation is different from others because they are very serious people and big players. They not only want to sell the Ukraine, but (and that is very important) to buy and invest. 
Here you have the clue.

Ready to buy – metal (steel long products), copper plates, coal, manufactured goods.

Ready to sell: textiles, fabrics, clothing, carpets, leather goods, footballs, sports goods, food, rice, and various tropical fruits, spare parts for automobiles, electric and gas devices, surgical instruments.
Yearn for cooperation in the energy sector, offer joint development of oil and gas in Pakistan.

Who came to us?
Here they are:
1.     F. Rabbi Steel (Pvt.) Lt, Steel Products.
2.     Siddiqsons Ltd, Denim Fabric & Tin Plates.
3.     Herbion Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Herbal Medicines.
4.     Qaim Automotive Mfg(Pvt) Ltd, Exporters of Auto parts and Filters & Importers of Steel & Steel Product.
5.     Abdul Rehman Corp (Pvt) Ltd, Home Textile & Institutional linen.
6.     Faisal Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd, Home textile. (Check this Home Lovers site for inspiration) 
7.     Hi-Rose Corporation, Surgical & Dental instruments.
8.     Lucid Industries, Lane, Sports goods.
9.     Roshan Enterprises, Fruits and Vegetables.
10.  Iftekhar Ahmed & C, Fruits and Vegetables.
11.  F.A. INTERNATIONAL, Fruits & Vegetables.
12.  Vision Group of Companies Vision House, Main Barki Road, Lahore, Pakistan, General trading and importer of construction related items.
13.  Services Industries Limited, Footwear.
14.  Atlas Foods (Pvt.) Ltd, Rice.
15.  Ather Corporation, Carpet.
16.  Nasreen Trader, Steel.
17.  Qazzafi Medico/Surgical, Surgical.
18.  Tabani Group, Exporter of general trading & importer of industrial goods & machineries.
19.  Eastern Energy Pvt Ltd, Cooperation in exploring oil & gas resources of Pakistan, import of motors and industrial machinery, export of food product.
20.  Best Exports (Pvt) Ltd, Textile products including bed linen, table linen and other items of all kind in 100% grey, bleached, dyed & printed cotton fabrics.
21.  Integrated Textiles Network, Textile fabrics, Made-ups.
22.  Two Star Pakistan Limited, Exporter of Citrus Fruits, Fresh Mandarin (Kinnow).
23.  Al-FATAH INDUSTRIES, Manufacturer & exporter of electric and gas appliances.
24.  Shahraj Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd, Exporter of fashion wear and uniform.
25.  Mumtazmehel Corporation, Importer of coal steel coils and sun flower meals.
26.  Al- Nazeer Nippon Chemicals, Adhesives / Sealants / Glues and Epoxy.

What do we know about mutual cooperation between Ukraine and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
Here’s what:

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