The eastern region of Ukraine is the largest player in the country in terms of grain processing. Thus, the region takes the first position in terms of flour production, which mainly consists of production of wheat and wheat-rye flour – 95-96% of the general production of these products.
The following three companies produce almost half of the flour volumes in the region: SE “Novopokrovskij kombinat hleboproduktov”, “Urozhay” LLC and OJSC “Luganskmlyn”. In 2012, the combined share of these companies in the general production volume totaled 49%, in 2011 – 41%.
It is also necessary to note that in 2012, maize showed the lowest prime cost of production among the main grain crops in the eastern region (1077 UAH/t), due to the relatively high grain yield (nearly 4.27 t/ha). The largest prime cost was typical for barley – 1901 UAH/t. The index was caused by extreme weather conditions of the last year in the vegetation period, resulting in higher costs to maintain the planted areas.
Besides, the eastern region produces 26% of the general volume of sunflower seed in Ukraine, and processes over 20% of the volumes. During 2008-2012. sunflower oil production in the region increased by 28%.



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