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What is holding back the development of the biomass market in Ukraine?

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Major constraints wide implementation of power generation from solid biomass is the high cost of equipment, the lack of biomass fuel market, the lack of affordable credit system, the complexity of the sale of heat and little practical experience in conducting such activities in Ukraine.

Biomass and waste are 76.6% of world production of renewable energy. The volume of production of solid biomass is 71.7%, liquid biofuels  – 3%, biogas – 1%, TBT org. – 0.9%. While the production of energy from wind – 1.2%, hydropower – 17.7%, solar energy – 0.8% and geothermal energy – 3.7%.
“There was a trend of market development of biomass in Ukraine – said George Geletukha, director of SEC” Biomass “-” the country is already running a “green” tariff for solid biomass and it is valid until 2030 two companies’ Kirovogradoliya “and” Smelaenergopromtrans “received “green” tariff. There is significant potential of solid biomass available for energy use. “
The expert stressed that the cost of natural gas is growing, making economically attractive to use expensive biofuels   – pellets and briquettes. The main difficulties associated with the implementation of the projects organizational activities, not technical. Lack of government support, the practical experience of the construction and operation of a biomass thermoelectric plant, and the absence of domestic biofuels market and credit availability hinders the development of this field.
“These difficulties are surmountable, and the availability of existing incentives makes the implementation of power generation projects economically attractive,” – said Giorgi Geletukha.


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