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Ukraine – one of the stars of the global freelancing market

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Last year, an online platform for freelancers earned more than $ 1 billion According to the company Whichlance, the lion’s share of the market controlled by two companies that have learned to benefit from mediation between client and contractor – oDesk.com and Elance. This fall in Ukraine came Vice President Elance Europe Chetil Olsen. He told Forbes.ua how changing global labor market and what the role of Ukrainian in the process.
– What is the history of Elance?
– The company appeared in 1999. Originally Elance specialized in developing software for large corporate customers. The clients were General Electric, FedEx and others. Things were going up, and the company absorbed the British ClickCommerce. It reoriented toward business development online platform that drove to the customers and freelancers via the internet. In 2007, it became a key business ClickCommerce. Now Elance – a platform that integrates 1.8 million freelancers, 153,000 of its customers and 210 tyschya vacancies. Moreover, this market is still in its infancy.
– What is a demand for Ukrainian freelancing labor market?
– Ukraine – one of the stars of this market. Over the past three years only through Elance platform Ukrainian executed orders worth $ 34 million We have 11 000 registered freelancers from Ukraine. In your country are talented developers. They are also actively collaborating with customers and help with the implementation of the product remain in touch and after the project. Ukrainians – reliable partners.
– The position of Ukraine is growing?
– Yes, still its place among the countries that supply us freelancers were lower. I think Ukraine has potential to rise above fourth place. Catch India and the U.S. will not be easy, but bypass Pakistan, coming third – is very likely. But in relative terms Ukraine include industry leader, especially when talking about freelancing in the IT-sector. Still, India is home to around a billion people, and the United States – about 250 million
– The income Ukraine is fourth, but the number of freelancers – only 15th. The reason probably is that most Ukrainian represent highly paid IT-sector?
– This is just one of the reasons why there are two. Ukraine – fast-growing market, and while he rapidly growing number of people do not have time for more money. Gradually, these rates will level off. The second reason – many freelancers from Ukraine individual and group accounts, this entire development team, and paid for their work, respectively.


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