In Mariupol, the occupiers are using mobile crematoria to hide their atrocities

Russian mobile crematoria have started operating in Mariupol. After the genocide in Bucha was announced, the Russian leadership ordered the destruction of traces of its army’s crimes in Mariupol, the city council said.

🔻 A week ago, estimates put the death toll at 5,000, but tens of thousands of civilians from Mariupol could have fallen victim to the occupiers.

🔻 The occupiers are trying to identify and destroy all potential witnesses to the atrocities.

🔻 The enemy engages in special brigades to clean up local and terrorist “DPR”. They are burning the bodies of murdered and killed residents of Mariupol.

🔻 The work is coordinated by the self-proclaimed mayor of Mariupol Konstantin Ivashchenko.

#stoprussia #savemariupol

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