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Exporting seed from Ukraine greatly expanded

     A significant expansion of export geography seed from Ukraine was made ​​possible by several factors, namely the accession of Ukraine to the two certification schemes profiled the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the accreditation of laboratories Ukrderzhnasininspektsii in an international organization, by definition, sowing qualities of seeds – ISTA. This gave the opportunity to give Ukrainian producers to obtain international certificates and export seeds from Ukraine in 70 countries .

        It should be noted that since the beginning of 2012 has already exported more than 4.5 tons of seed to the EU . Derzhsilgospinspektsiey Ukraine developed proposals to the Law of Ukraine “On the seeds for planting,” which will help to harmonize the legislative field of seed requirements of the European Community.

      Recall for the 2011 export of goods from Ukraine to the EU amounted to $ 17,969,900,000, an increase compared with 2010 by 37.7%, imports – $ 25,750,600,000, respectively, and 34.8%.The negative balance was $ 7.7807 billion (minus $ 6,049,300,000 in 2010). Export import coverage ratio was 0.70 (for 2010 – 0.68).
        In the total exports of goods from Ukraine the share of EU countries amounted to 26.3% , imports – 31.2% (in 2010, respectively 25.4% and 31.4%). The main partners in both exports and imports of goods are Germany (respectively, $ 1,765,100,000 and $ 6,865,700,000), Poland ($ 2,794,100,000 and $ 3,183,300,000), Italy ($ 3,039,500,000 and $ 2,005,700,000 ) and Hungary ($ 1,340,700,000 and $ 1,326,100,000).


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