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What is holding back the development of the biomass market in Ukraine?

biomass Ukraine

Major constraints wide implementation of power generation from solid biomass is the high cost of equipment, the lack of biomass fuel market, the lack of affordable credit system, the complexity of the sale of heat and little practical experience in conducting such activities in Ukraine.

Biomass and waste are 76.6% of world production of renewable energy. The volume of production of solid biomass is 71.7%, liquid biofuels  – 3%, biogas – 1%, TBT org. – 0.9%. While the production of energy from wind – 1.2%, hydropower – 17.7%, solar energy – 0.8% and geothermal energy – 3.7%.
“There was a trend of market development of biomass in Ukraine – said George Geletukha, director of SEC” Biomass “-” the country is already running a “green” tariff for solid biomass and it is valid until 2030 two companies’ Kirovogradoliya “and” Smelaenergopromtrans “received “green” tariff. There is significant potential of solid biomass available for energy use. “
The expert stressed that the cost of natural gas is growing, making economically attractive to use expensive biofuels   – pellets and briquettes. The main difficulties associated with the implementation of the projects organizational activities, not technical. Lack of government support, the practical experience of the construction and operation of a biomass thermoelectric plant, and the absence of domestic biofuels market and credit availability hinders the development of this field.
“These difficulties are surmountable, and the availability of existing incentives makes the implementation of power generation projects economically attractive,” – said Giorgi Geletukha.

Ukraine is the leader in the CIS on the use of stem cells

Ukraine is the leader among the CIS countries in the legitimate use of stem cells in clinical practice.

As reported by the press conference in UNIAN – Ukrainian scientists – Biotechnology – Ukraine became the first country in the CIS, where stem cell therapies have received state registration in 2012, the Ministry of Health officially approved method of stem cell treatment of serious diseases such as panktreonekroz, critical limb ischemia , as well as injuries and burns.
stem cells Ukraine

Director of the Coordination Center of organ transplant, tissues and cells the Ministry of Health Ruslan Salyutin stressed that Ukraine has the right to declare the promise of clinical use of cell-tissue grafts, and this allows the current national regulatory framework.

“Today, from all countries of the former Soviet Union in Ukraine, there is a complete legal framework, which allows for clinical trials with stem cells. On the basis of the legal framework and the relevant permits in 2008 began the first phase of clinical trials, which were held in well-known scientific and medical centers – the Institute of Reconstructive and trauma surgery im.Gusaka, Institute im.Shalimova, National Academy of Postgraduate Education im.Shupika. A series of clinical trials could not have been possible without the participation of the Institute of Cellular Technology “, – said R.Salyutin.

According to the director of the Institute of Urgent and Reconstructive Surgery im.Gusaka Vladislav Green. The idea of ​​using stem cells to treat burns and their effects, arose 15 years ago in medical facility, which Vladislav Green heads.

“Then in the Donbass was the large number of accidents in the mines and other industrial enterprises, when our burn center were many patients with critical burns. There were nothing to close burns. Then I got the idea to use the latest biotechnology and grow from them a kind of skin. In 2003, we opened the laboratory of cell tissue cultivation, unique to this day. Now we have treated hundreds of patients burned, hundreds of lives saved. But we have seen that the ability of the laboratory extend far beyond burns. Therefore, we began to apply biotechnology in patients with severe trauma, fracture nonunion, false, false joints, then in cardiology, neurology, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver cirrhosis, “- said V.Grin.

Salaries in Ukraine

The highest salary in Ukraine paying airlines and banks
The lowest salaries are in agriculture.
Salaries in Ukraine

The biggest salary in Ukraine are paid to employees of airlines – they manage to get an average of 13 097 hryvnia per month. In this case, for the three months average salary in the aviation industry grew by more than 2,500 hryvnia, reported the State Statistics Committee.
In second place there are areas with the highest salaries by a wide margin situated financial sector. According to official statistics, bankers, insurers and financiers in Ukraine earn an average of 6,454 hryvnia per month. Particularly rapid growth in wages since the beginning of the year in the financial sector was not observed – salaries grew by 500 hryvnia.
Less than all continue to get farm workers – 1,966 USD per month. For the three months salary in this area practically grew up – purses employed in this area, “fatter” only on the 13 hryvnia per month.
In general, the average in Ukraine increased by 212 hryvnia and amounts to 3212 hryvnia is a month, say the statistics service. Tiny houses can save you a lot of earned money.

The Ukrainian market of alternative energy – one of the most attractive in the world

alternativnaya energetika
The Ukrainian market of alternative energy sources is recognized as one of the most attractive in the world.
The main development of alternative energy is because of private investment, but it is necessary to be developed a range of incentives with the green tariff, certain preferences, privileges on the land tax, and others. Today, investors are going to deal with the development of alternative energy sources by themselves. In Ukraine was created a green tariff which is why this industry is very attractive. Considering that in Europe, already-competitive market and the company’s push each other’s elbows, and then look for new markets. At the end of last year, the Ukrainian market of alternative energy was one of the most attractive in the ranking of the young one and those who grow. Many companies want to work in Ukraine and came here with real money. There are more different foreign investor companies are working in the field of wind and solar energy.
In Ukraine, there are places where the sun is good, and they should be used to produce this kind of energy, since there are no opportunities to develop marketable projects in the field of wind energy.
And there are the opposite – more wind, and others places unsuitable for both, but it is possible to build a biomass power plant for a scrap of wood. Now we have a lot of land, which is not suitable for agricultural activities.
Also Ukraine has a tremendous potential for construction solar power on the. Therefore, if there is no land, solar power can be developed on the roofs and green tariff because of it is extremely attractive.

Ukraine: prices on the export market of crude sunflower oil down

According to data of APK-Inform Agency, the prices on the Ukrainian export market of crude sunflower oil with FOB delivery basis started decreasing. The trend was mainly caused by the range of macroeconomic factors. Besides, a gradual increase of the number of offers from the major countries-producers of crude sunflower oil provides the significant influence on formation of the prices.
Thus, the offers to purchase of Ukrainian sunflower oil on FOB terms arrive the prices of 1215 USD/t (delivery in October-November). In turn, the Ukrainian trading companies announced the offer prices not below 1230 USD/t FOB.
As a reminder, at the end of the previous week, the purchasing prices for sunflower oil of Ukrainian origin were announced within the range of 1225-1230 USD/t FOB.

2012 is a Year of the Ukrainian organic market

251394How to invest in organic market in Ukraine? Leave an inquiry on [email protected]  
Experts predict that in 2012 to the Ukrainian market of organic products will come major players and big capital.

Small shops of eco-products and farmers, who sell through the Internet products of their labor, soon will feel strong competition.
In the perspective of the domestic organic market believed large investors. The growth of enviromental awareness, not only in the West, but also in ukraine in 2012 will be even more obvious. In addition, organic products are perceived as better.
If in 2008 the market volume of organic matter was estimated at $ 660 thousand, today it is $ 4-5 million a number of manufacturers of such products during this period increased from 92 to 142.
In March of this year, one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural companies – “Argo Dakor Holding” has announced its intention to grow organic crops, the price of which in Europe is for 40% higher than the usual wheat. This holding company plans to deliver products just in the EU countries. The market attracts investor’s profitability of organic matter in 40% and in high demand both domestically and in foreign markets. Large-scale investments inhibit only the absence of legislation.
Expensive health
Today, the organic market accounts for only 1% of products sold in Ukraine. In Europe, organic products occupy 6-7% of the market. The demand for organic products by consumers is growing rapidly: today it is much greater than the supply.
“People began to think more about their health. They were disappointed in the products that can be purchased in supermarkets, and are looking to buy quality food, “- says the chairman of the Association of Producers of organic products of Ukraine Basil Pindus.
Organics, usually bought by people wealthy and middle class: the price of these products is 50-80% higher than their inorganic counterparts. Experts explain the difference in price that producers of eco-products don’t use chemicals and fertilizers, so the yield of organic crops is lower than conventional plants. Expensive are also non-mechanical prossecing and storage products. The price may lay and other costs, like promotion of goods and insurance of non implementing. 
If earlier the major problem for producers of organic products was distribution then more recently, these products are actively interested by supermarkets.
“There are no specialty stores that would offer only organic products – says Pindus. – This can be explained by the fact that there are little of such products. Therefore, on the shelves with organic products you can find its conventional counterparts. Pindus said that specialty stores can appear very soon. Prerequisite for this is enough: growing demand from customers and interest of this business segment will contribute to further growth of the market.
How to invest in organic market in Ukraine? Leave an inquiry on [email protected] 

Ukrainian tax benefits for star hotels

Hotel business in Ukraine is gradually recovering, helped by interest from international operators. However, its development is constrained by inexperience Ukrainian players. But, the factor of Euro 2012 and the government’s proposed tax incentives makes a difference for the better. So, we consider the legal norm:
  “Temporarily, for 10 years, starting from January 1, 2011 shall be exempt from income tax business entity received from the hotel services (group 55 CTEA DK 009:2005) hotels” five stars “,” four stars “and” three stars “, including the newly constructed or reconstructed, or in which major repairs or restoration of existing buildings and structures (provided that the income from the sale of accommodation services by providing room for a temporary stay of at least 50% of the total income of an economic for the relevant tax (reporting) period, which shall be discounted). “
 As a result, need to note the positive trend towards the promotion and development of the hotel industry:
1) Profit hoteliers released on the condition that the hoteliers are really engaged in the provision of accommodation services, which is at least 50% of total revenues;
2) The exemptions are granted, but only in respect of profits derived from the business entity of hotel services;
3) With spending hoteliers use at their discretion, but within the 3-year period and to the purpose specified by law, aimed at the development of the hotel industry.

Ukraine increases imports of waste paper

In 2011, imports of waste paper and cardboard (scrap) according to the State Customs Service of Ukraine increased by 25% relative to the previous year. Ukrainian enterprises imported 267,873 tons of waste paper totaling nearly $ 70 million in 2011. And the export of waste paper was only 2843 tons with worth about 0.5 million dollars.
Ukraineb2b waste+paper
In 2010 Ukrainian enterprises imported 214,813 tons of scrap worth about $ 45 million.
The average price of imported waste paper and cardboard in 2011 was $ 260 per ton, while in 2010 was about 211 dollars per ton.
The main supplier of paper for Ukrainian enterprises still remains Russia. 85% of all imported waste paper in 2011, it received from the Russian Federation. Other major suppliers of waste paper for Ukraine are Hungary, Moldova, Poland and Slovakia.

Imports of seafood from Alaska to Ukraine has doubled

ryba vkusnaya      The volume of imports of seafood from Alaska to the Ukraine in 2011 grew by almost a factor of 2 in quantitative terms compared with 2010 and amounted to 47 million dollars.This was announced by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft met with reporters at the launch of Alaska seafood, organized by the Institute of Alaska Seafood Marketing with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The event took place in the fish-market “Fish World” South Pacific “.

   At the meeting, noted that the global financial crisis, the U.S. seafood trade volumes in Ukraine is fully recovered and continues to grow. By results of 2011 the volume of imports of Alaska seafood has exceeded the best pre-crisis years.

     For the first time consumers in Ukraine have discovered the American seafood in 2000, and since then the number and variety of fish represented only expanded. The last few years, fish consumption in Ukraine Knuckles . Traditional varieties of inexpensive fish Ukrainians increasingly prefer the more expensive and high quality.

    It should be noted that fish and seafood of Alaska live in the wild Pacific Ocean. Waters of North America, their habitats, are recognized as one of the cleanest in the world. Alaska fishing meet modern technical requirements to preserve the quality of products. Catch carried out strictly in accordance with the law and is controlled at the state level in order to preserve natural resources and the renewability of fish populations in the natural environment.

Prices of olive oil fell to a minimum of 10 years

olives oil
Prices of olive oil on the world market fell to its lowest level in a decade. It writes The Financial Times. In May this year, wholesale prices for oil, the first spin of premium olive oil fell to 2.9 thousand dollars per ton.
For comparison, in 2005, world prices for olive oil reached nearly six thousand dollars per ton. The publication notes that the fall in prices could worsen the debt crisis in Greece, Spain and Italy, the largest world producers of olive oil. The share of these countries is around 70% of global sales of the product.
However, demand for oil fell through the economic crisis: now in Mediterranean countries, the demand for oil is the lowest since 1995. At the same time the market supply significantly ahead of demand. Particularly in Spain, which is a leader in the field, expecting a record harvest of olives in 1.1 million tons. In addition, sales of olive oil falling due to increased demand for other, cheaper types of oil – sunflower and soybean.
As pointed publication of this evidence, in particular, the growth of wholesale prices of soybean oil: in 1990 they accounted for 20-30 cents per pound (about 440-660 dollars per ton), it is now increased to 57 cents pound (about 1260 dollars per ton).