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Ukrainian tax benefits for star hotels

Hotel business in Ukraine is gradually recovering, helped by interest from international operators. However, its development is constrained by inexperience Ukrainian players. But, the factor of Euro 2012 and the government’s proposed tax incentives makes a difference for the better. So, we consider the legal norm:
  “Temporarily, for 10 years, starting from January 1, 2011 shall be exempt from income tax business entity received from the hotel services (group 55 CTEA DK 009:2005) hotels” five stars “,” four stars “and” three stars “, including the newly constructed or reconstructed, or in which major repairs or restoration of existing buildings and structures (provided that the income from the sale of accommodation services by providing room for a temporary stay of at least 50% of the total income of an economic for the relevant tax (reporting) period, which shall be discounted). “
 As a result, need to note the positive trend towards the promotion and development of the hotel industry:
1) Profit hoteliers released on the condition that the hoteliers are really engaged in the provision of accommodation services, which is at least 50% of total revenues;
2) The exemptions are granted, but only in respect of profits derived from the business entity of hotel services;
3) With spending hoteliers use at their discretion, but within the 3-year period and to the purpose specified by law, aimed at the development of the hotel industry.



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