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Kyiv Investment Forum


The Kyiv Investment Forum, organized by Kyiv City Administration and the Foundation for Effective Governance in partnership with the Financial Times, will be a platform for a dialogue among representatives of the national and international business community and high-ranking officials.

Confirmed Speakers Include:
Oleksandr Popov, Chairman, Kyiv City State Administration
Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow
Dr. Mohammad Zahoor, Founder and Chairman, ISTIL Group
– Andre Kuusvek, Director, EBRD
Natalia Yaresko, Founding Partner and CEO, Horizon Capital
Key Topics Include:
-Facilitating dialogue between municipal authorities and business
-Presentation of key city projects requiring investment
-Overview of Kyiv city potential and analytical review of key investment areas

          Most interesting key city projects:

         “Kyiv-City” is project of international business district. This project provides polycentric urban development and modern business area outside the historic center of the capital – approach jobs to places of residence. The project of creation “Kyiv-City” approved part of the national project “Future City” and included in the State Register of national projects.
         As previously reported, to accommodate the district considered five areas ranging from 100 hectares to 240 hectares, which lets create for each of them balanced multifunctional complex, which meets the requirements of sustainable development.
         It is estimated the project invovles attracting foreing investment of 2.1 billion USD.

         Project of parking lots. “Kyivtransparkservise” has developed an investment plan that includes three components: constraction of multi-intercepting surface parking at the entrance to the capital, construction of underground parking in downtown and in the “sleeping” area.
         It is expected that new parking will greatly relieve the central line and remove cars from the streets.
         Note that at present the need for parking in Kiev is more than 300 thousand cars.
         Also among the key city projects remains construction of the fourth subway line and business park “BIONIC Hill”.


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