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The capital of Ukraine among the top three cities for the expansion of global retailers

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Kiev became a more attractive city in the eyes of international retailers – according to data company CBRE.
CBRE Consulting company released its annual global survey of retail real estate segment, “RETAILERS: DEGREE OF GLOBALIZATION OF BUSINESS 2012» («How Global is the Business of Retail 2012”).
The target of research was to identify general trends in the development strategy of retailers, including the definition of a global presence as a retailer in the world markets and in major cities. This survey covers 326 key international retailers, as compiled by ranking includes 200 cities in 73 countries around the world.
According to a new search in the ranking of cities according to the degree of presence of international retailers, Kiev won 64 seats, up from 78th ranking in 2011. At the end of 2011 in Kiev attended by 25.2% of the interviewed retailers, while at the end of 2010 – 22.6%.The three leading cities in the degree of presence of international retailers are still in London, Dubai and New York.
It is noteworthy that over the last year Kyiv was one of the highest priority cities for the release of new international retailers that were not previously present in the market. In 2011 in Kiev appeared nine new international retailers, which put our capital in the third place in the “new exits” among all the cities.
The leader of the outputs of new retailers became Almaty, which last year opened their shops, 18 new international retailers. This was facilitated by significant infrastructure improvements, opening of new professional shopping centers and entrance brands of Inditex in 2010, which in turn encouraged other retailers to the entrance. At the 2nd place on the “new exits” is Moscow with 11 new international operators. Overall, European cities is the highest priority for the expansion of retailers, accounting for 48% of new discoveries in 2011.
Based on a global search by CBRE was also made ratings of the degree of presence of international retailers, in which Ukraine is ranked 34th, up from 39th in the ranking in 2011 According to CBRE, today in Ukraine is represented 25.8% retail chains taken into account in this study.
Ranking of countries with the highest presence of international retailers fifth year, led by the United Kingdom, where concentrated 56.7% of retailers. It is followed by UAE (53.1%), U.S. (50.3%), Spain (47.5%) and closes the top five leaders of China (47.2%).


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