As of September 7, 2012, agrarians of Ukraine harvested grains and leguminous plants throughout the areas of 10.18 mln ha, or 68% of the forecast. The produced volumes totaled 26.29 mln tonnes of grains with the average yield of 25.8 c/ha, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.
On the same date of 2011 agrarians managed to harvest 35.15 mln tonnes of grains throughout 11.56 mln ha, with the average yield of 30.4 c/ha.
In particular, as of the reporting date of 2012 agrarians already harvested 129.7 thsd tonnes of buckwheat throughout the areas of 130 thsd ha (46%). The average yield totaled 10.0 c/ha.
Besides, as of the reporting date agrarians harvested maize for grain throughout the areas of 187.2 thsd ha. The production volumes totaled 636 thsd tonnes, the yield – 34 c/ha.
Agrarians harvested 124.9 thsd tonnes of millet throughout the areas of 110.3 thsd ha (54%), with the average yield of 11.3 c/ha.
As of the reporting date, Ukraine harvested 1.29 mln tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 968.0 thsd ha (20%) with the yield of 13.4 c/ha.
Ukraine also harvested soybeans throughout 170.9 thsd ha, and produced 253.1 thsd tonnes of the oilseed, the yield totaled 14.8 c/ha.
Besides, Ukraine realizes field works to prepare the soil for planting of winter crops. As of the reporting date, agrarians processed the areas of 8.72 mln ha (96% of the plan).
Agrarians planted winter rapeseed for the harvest-2013 throughout the areas of 809.8 thsd ha (86% of the forecast), other winter crops – 271.4 thsd ha (3%).
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