Ukraine: sunflower seed prices continue growing

    sunflower seed ukraine
    According to the market participants, due to a decrease of the precipitation volumes, some regions of Ukraine resumed the harvesting campaign of sunflower seed. The quality of the oilseed harvest at the present stage is estimated as quite low, the main complaints come to the sphere of the high weed rate of the oilseed and the low oil content, which varies within the range of 39-44%.
    Rather low yield of sunflower seed is typical for agricultural enterprises of the southern oblasts, and to date the index was announced at the level of not more than 12 c/ha (Nikolayev, Kherson, Odessa oblasts). According to agrarians of the individual eastern oblasts (Kharkiv, Luhansk oblasts), the local yield varied within the range of 18-20 c/ha.
    Due to information of worsening of the quality of the harvested sunflower seed, and the low number of offers on the domestic market of oilseeds, Ukraine faced the growth of the supply /demand prices for the new crop oilseed. During the current week the purchasing prices varied within the range of 4100-4350 UAH/t EXW, and nearly 4600 UAH/t CPT-enterprise. But in the previous week the processors mainly declared the purchasing prices at the maximum level of 4450 UAH/t CPT.
    In the current week the exporters were ready to sell Ukrainian sunflower seed on foreign markets at the prices within the range of 650-670 USD/t FOB.


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