Ukrainian sunflower oil: demand increases, prices rise

    13501sunflower oil

    During the week the price of sunflower oil followed global trends, showing that a slight increase, then decrease. But just at the end of the reporting period, a significant intensification of demand for Ukrainian products has caused the strengthening of the market (export prices increased on average by 15 USD / t).
    Prices demand for sunflower oil located within the 1215-1220 USD / t on FOB Black Sea port for delivery in May for proposals aired in the range 1230-1235 USD / t
    In terms of DAF-Poland exporters offer goods at a price of 1235-1240 USD / ton on the domestic market of oil changes were observed.
    Currently manufacturers are willing to sell sunflower oil at a price of 9750-9950 UAH / t, EXW.
    Price of sunflower oil in this season is very attractive compared to other oils. But despite the significant increase in demand, oil is still cheaper than other analogues, such as soy.
    According to estimates by Oil World (Germany), Ukraine and Russia possess in general 300-350 tons of oil they can sell on the world market in July and September, which will make a significant pressure on prices.
    Step-down effect also has information on good prospects for new crop seeds. As a result, consumers do not feel the need to force the purchase of oil on world markets.
    Analysts believe that in July-September, sunflower oil does not lose his attractive price, especially since the market is a shortage of competing oils and fats, and the prospects of soybean in the U.S. worsen.
    It is expected that at least to start in 2013, sunflower oil will be actively offered in the markets of North Africa and Asia.


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