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Rating of Most expensive Ukrainian food brands

Rating of the most expensive Ukrainian brands made popular Ukrainian weekly magazine Focus. The first three places divided between Nasha Ryaba, Roshen and Chernigivske.
It means that food preferences of Ukrainians are chicken, chocolate and beer.
In particular, TM Nasha Ryaba becomes leader of the ranking for the third year in a row. This is primarily due to the reasonable price of chicken compared to other types of meat. Revenues of “Nasha Ryaba” increased by a billion hryvnia for one year. This is due on the one hand increased production by 7% and the expansion of logistics, which already has more than 2,600 franchised outlets, on the other – the growth of the chicken prices by 10% in the last year. Thus, by the end of 2011 “Nasha Ryaba ” brought to the company 5.1 billion UAH.
Not give up their positions the largest sweet brand, the brainchild of the Minister Poroshenko, TM Roshen: its sales increased nearly by 1 billion hryvnia to $ 4.54 billion UAH.
This year, in the top ten we can find two beginners: TM Hlibnyi Dar and TM Rogan with the result of sales 1.372 billion UAH and Rs 1.273 billion UAH respectively. With their appearance in the Top 10 now it includes three vodka and three beer brands.
By the number of brands represented on the list, most of the positions owned brands under which the produce strong alcohol – they are 10th of 50. Leader in the alcoholic beverages by sales in Ukraine was TM Khortytsya. This year she managed to overtake Nemiroff brand.
Top 50 Ukrainian consumer food brands with revenues in 2011:
1. Chicken “Nasha Ryaba” – 5.1 billion UAH
2. Confectionery “Roshen” – 4,54 billion UAH
Ukrainian brands 103. Beer “Chernigivske” – 4.265 billion UAH
4. Cigarettes “Prima” – 3.233 billion UAH
5. Confectionery “Conti” – 1.9 billion UAH
6. Beer “Obolon” – 1.63 billion UAH
7. Vodka “Khortytsya” – 1.55 billion UAH
8. Vodka “Nemiroff” – 1.53 billion UAH
9. Vodka “Hlibnyi Dar” – 1.372 billion UAH
10. Beer “Rogan” – 1.273 billion UAH
11. Sausage “Globino” – 1,166 billion UAH
12. Sauces “Shchedro” – 1.149 billion UAH
13. Sauces “Torchin”- 1.11 billion UAH
14. Beer “Lvivske” – 1.054 billion UAH
15. Vodka “MEDOFF” – 1,052 billion UAH
16. Juice “Sadochok” – 1.021 billion UAH
17. Juice “Nash Sok” – 955 million UAH
18. Confectionery “Svitoch” – 851 million UAH
19. Vodka “Prime” – 745 million UAH
20. Vodka “Іstynna” – 731 million UAH
21. Juice «Sandora» – 720 million UAH
22. Cheese “Dobryana” – 685.4 million UAH
23. Water “Morshinskaya” – 652.6 million UAH
24. Meat products “Yatran” – 619.2 million UAH
25. Sauces “Chumak” – 599 million UAH
26. Noodles “Mivina” – 602 million UAH
27. Dairy products “Yagotynske” – 560.5 million UAH
28. Beer «Zibert» – 541.3 million UAH
29. Dairy products “Dobrynya” – 522 million UAH
30. Meat products “Farro” – 511.7 million UAH
31. Beer “Yantar” – 507.7 million UAH
32. Wine «Inkerman» – 475.7 million UAH
33. Chips “Lux” – 441.1 million UAH
34. Soft drink “Zhyvchyk” – 412.5 million UAH
35. Brandy “Shustov” – 404 million UAH
36. Meat products “Yuvileinyi” – 403.4 million UAH
37. Cheese “Shostka” – 383 million UAH
38. Sunflower oil “Oleina” – 349.6 million UAH
39. Cognac “Tavria” – 348.2 million UAH
40. Meat products “Druzhba Narodіv” – 340 million UAH
41. Beer “Sarmat” – 322 million UAH
42. Cheese “Slavia” – 321.1 million UAH
43. Cheese “Molochnyi Shlyah” – 316.2 million UAH
44. Confectionery «Amour» – 315 million UAH
45. Spread “Shchedryi Dar” – 303.4 million UAH
46. Beer “Slavutych” – 283.9 million UAH
47. Semis “Hercules” – 269.8 million UAH
48. Sparkling wine “KZShV” – 250 million UAH
49. Semis “Tree Medvedya” – 240 million UAH
50. Meat products “Baschinskyi” – 234.4 million UAH
In preparing the rating was assessed only brands by Ukrainian manufacturers, as well as trademarks, developed or acquired by foreign companies, especially for Ukraine. Brands were ranked in terms of retail sales in the country by the end of 2011. It is worth noting the constant growth “admission” ticket rating. So, in 2010, sales were lower boundary of 50 million UAH, in the past – 150 million UAH, and this year – already 230 million UAH.

Why foreign retailers come to Ukraine

Ukraine+SEC+Ocean+PlazaEntering the market, international brands often evaluate three factors:
– Saturation of the retail market,
– The number and quality of projects of shopping centers, which are presented in the market,
– The number of existing market entry barriers.
The saturation of the Ukrainian retail market remains one of the lowest in Europe. In this high-quality projects have become more and more. And this year, offering a unique project in many ways – the largest Ukrainian Central City shopping mall Ocean Plaza, the quality of which corresponds to the world standards.
At the same time, according to experts, many foreign operators have already studied all the possible obstacles entering the Ukrainian market, put up with them or have learned to overcome them.
As a result, by the end of this year we will see in the mall about 40 brand new for Ukraine in Ocean Plaza. 60% of new brands will be due to local market operators, who have long been working in Ukraine. 40% of new brands will enter the market independently.
The country of origin of franchise leader is Western Europe. A direct investment – the countries that are closer to us and whose investments have long been widely present in Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Turkey.
The format for the new Ukrainian brands, according to the experts, about 20% of them – it is food and drink, the other 80% – a fashion brand.
It is significant that 30% of new strand brands are goods premium level. Earlier in our country goes no more than one or two of these brands in the year, as they were developed specifically nowhere. In 2012, we see a greater expansion of expensive brands, some of which will be presented on the Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya street, but most – in the SEC Ocean Plaza, where the first in Ukraine to be established premium gallery.
According to experts, massive entering of foreign retailers in the Ukraine market is also due to the active and long process of creating a positive image of our country and the promotion of Ukrainian projects on the international market.
In 2012 possible enter for a minimum of 32 new brands in Ukraine and Kiev. 28 of them will be presented in the SEC Ocean Plaza.
Country of origin
LC Waikiki
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
Lady Gentlemen City
ТРЦ «Караван»
Dolce Gabbana
ТЦ «Мандарин Плаза»
MaxMara  Weekend
SEC Ocean Plaza
Trussardi Jeans
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
ТРЦ «Караван»
SEC Ocean Plaza
Rebeca Sanver
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
Pepe Jeans
SEC Ocean Plaza
ул. Крещатик
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
Michael Kors
SEC Ocean Plaza
Marina Rinaldi
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
Denis/Why Denis
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
SEC Ocean Plaza
ТЦ «Украина»
SEC Ocean Plaza
Patrizia Pepe
SEC Ocean Plaza
Catherine Leman
SEC Ocean Plaza

Supermarket: Why is hard for supplier to find a common language with the supermarkets?

How to work with Ukrainian supermarkets?
uk supermarket aisle tesco greener photoWhat are the conditions of work with them?
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Reason 1
The supplier sells “on the shelf” and a supermarket sells to the consumer.
Most of suppliers see their role in making (or finding) “quality” product, and by hook or by crook to put on the shelf at the supermarket. At that to put the entire package of goods and do it immediately. So, the role of the supplier is to manage a supermarket.
To do this, held lengthy talks with the managers of supermarkets, where the supplier present its products with illustrations and talks about its merits, in convincing impeccable quality, rushes ambitious phrases: “We want to take a minimum of forty percent from the leading brand”, “Ours quality is the best on the market “.
 Whether such arguments are convincing to the supermarket? Practice shows that, after such negotiations, the manager of a supermarket with no less ambition gets its price list and saying, “Want to see your product on our shelves – pay,” solemnly handed it to the supplier. Why is this happening?
In order to better understand this, you need to understand the role of the supermarket business, but also know how the supermarket put its position on the market. The vision of the role of the supermarket is to maximize the satisfaction of needs of the final customers. Therefore, supermarkets, contrary to the suppliers, not thinking about how to present all of the entire products in own store. Their thinking is focused on the construction of such sales, which will involve a maximum of supermarket consumers and make them loyal customers. In other words, the role of the supermarket is to serve the consumer, and thus manage the supplier as it “requires” the final customer.
Reason 2
The supplier sells the entire range; supermarket sells the one that corresponds to its positioning.
Often the range of supplier “washed out” in the price list you can find everything. Although to date most of the suppliers are focused on selling more narrow range of goods, not all in cooperation with supermarkets account for how a supermarket positions.
As a consequence, there are strange requirement to pay “entrance fees” in the supermarket, following which there is no guarantee that the product will be presented to more than two or three months. For example, a major dairy producer has paid quite a tidy sum for the presentation of goods in one of the largest supermarkets network of Odessa. But three months later, after the optimization of assortment, supermarket has excluded more than half of the range of this brand from its own database. One of the reasons was inconsistency brand image and a network of supermarkets.
Reason 3
Failure to comply with obligations to pay of supermarket for the goods delivered.
Very often the supermarkets do not maintain the payment terms, which are set out in the contract and pay for any parts or delayed.
Approximately 80-90% of visitors make regular supermarket shoppers, with the exception of supermarkets, which are located in the central streets of the city, on the central highways, etc. This means that we, as consumers continually spend our money in one place. More money we spend in the first days of wages (except for business owners), and decreases the amount of our costs while waiting for the payment of wages. All this means that the trade has ups and downs, but we continue to make purchases because we want to satisfy the most basic need – the need to quench thirst and hunger.

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The capital of Ukraine among the top three cities for the expansion of global retailers

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Kiev became a more attractive city in the eyes of international retailers – according to data company CBRE.
CBRE Consulting company released its annual global survey of retail real estate segment, “RETAILERS: DEGREE OF GLOBALIZATION OF BUSINESS 2012» («How Global is the Business of Retail 2012”).
The target of research was to identify general trends in the development strategy of retailers, including the definition of a global presence as a retailer in the world markets and in major cities. This survey covers 326 key international retailers, as compiled by ranking includes 200 cities in 73 countries around the world.
According to a new search in the ranking of cities according to the degree of presence of international retailers, Kiev won 64 seats, up from 78th ranking in 2011. At the end of 2011 in Kiev attended by 25.2% of the interviewed retailers, while at the end of 2010 – 22.6%.The three leading cities in the degree of presence of international retailers are still in London, Dubai and New York.
It is noteworthy that over the last year Kyiv was one of the highest priority cities for the release of new international retailers that were not previously present in the market. In 2011 in Kiev appeared nine new international retailers, which put our capital in the third place in the “new exits” among all the cities.
The leader of the outputs of new retailers became Almaty, which last year opened their shops, 18 new international retailers. This was facilitated by significant infrastructure improvements, opening of new professional shopping centers and entrance brands of Inditex in 2010, which in turn encouraged other retailers to the entrance. At the 2nd place on the “new exits” is Moscow with 11 new international operators. Overall, European cities is the highest priority for the expansion of retailers, accounting for 48% of new discoveries in 2011.
Based on a global search by CBRE was also made ratings of the degree of presence of international retailers, in which Ukraine is ranked 34th, up from 39th in the ranking in 2011 According to CBRE, today in Ukraine is represented 25.8% retail chains taken into account in this study.
Ranking of countries with the highest presence of international retailers fifth year, led by the United Kingdom, where concentrated 56.7% of retailers. It is followed by UAE (53.1%), U.S. (50.3%), Spain (47.5%) and closes the top five leaders of China (47.2%).

Best selling products in Ukraine online

Best selling products in Ukrainian Internet 2013
Consumer interest in Ukrainian people has shifted in favor of new product categories. Studies of the dynamics online purchases in January-April this year, which analysts had, showed that, compared with the same period last year, more than three times the volume of purchases in the category “Auto Parts, Tuning, GPS” , 1 , 5 times – in the category “Sports and Health” and 95% – in the category “Tablets, Laptops, Computers.”

The share of traditionally popular items, in particular, mobile phones and clothing in total sales has declined. From the first position in the ranking of the most popular online products mobile phones and smart phones pressed tablets and computers. Ukrainians began to buy the tablets are not only more likely, but to spend more money on them – in 2013 average check purchases in the category “Tablets, Laptops, Computers” has increased by 31%. The average amount of monthly purchases has remained unchanged at more than 450 hryvnia. analysts believe that the results obtained and, in particular, the fact that the growing dynamics of sales of non-traditional products for the Internet, point to the fact that Ukrainians have more confidence in online shopping.
Top of the most purchased goods in Uanet (Ukrainian Internet) according
Product category
The increase in sales for the year
Share in total sales, January-April 
Share in total sales, January-April 
Tablets, Laptops, Computers
Mobile phones, Smartphones
Collectibles, Antiques
Clothing, Shoes, Accessories
Auto Parts, Tuning, GPS
Sports and Health
Household appliances
Recall, according to research, from mobile phone users Uaneta make purchases less frequently than with computers, but become more expensive goods. The average check per user per month was 350 hryvnia.